SAAPYA: Call for Media and Law Intern (Fall, 2013)


SAAPYA’s Media and Law Internship

Call for Media and Law Internship Applications: Deadline Aug 30.

SAAPYA is seeking applicants for its Media and Law internship for the Fall, to commence Sept 9, 2013.  The Media and Law internship is geared towards a person with an interest in law and who is an active online.  At base, the intern should have a passion for equal rights, comfort with social networking, an interest in academic research, and have some mindfulness practice (yoga, meditation, martial arts, music).  Currently, this is a volunteer position, for which no college credit is available.  However, SAAPYA founder, Roopa Singh, has been an adjunct professor in law and popular culture and is happy to offer the intern mentorship and a personalized recommendation letter template.  The SAAPYA internship is a new position, and is thus somewhat flexible in scope and time commitment, however 4-6 hours of SAAPYA work a week is ideal. Contact:

Responsibilities Include:

  • Be present, physically or virtually, at a once a week morning strategy session.  Maintain regular communication and be true to word.
  • WordPress based website development.
  • Database creation, online and offline.
  • Regular posting of social media content: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn.
  • Learn and know copyright and trademark procedures for SAAPYA’s work: including writing, footage, curricula, company name and logo.
  • Academic and archival research with a focus on media analysis.

Application Deadline: August 30, 2013

To apply, please email a resume and brief letter describing why you are interested, how you imagine fulfilling the responsibilities and time commitment, and anything else that is relevant.  If applicable, please include a link or links to your online life.  SAAPYA respects applicant’s privacy, all information shared will be kept confidential, and no decisions will be made based on race, age, religion, class, ability, orientation, and gender identity.

About South Asian American Practitioners of Yoga in America:

A platform and network for diasporic South Asian voices and bodies in yoga in America and the west.  SAAPYA recognizes the lineage of yoga, both cultural and theological, to be grounded in South Asia and to be nurtured within an open and expansive reading of Hinduism.  SAAPYA also believes that diasporic voices on yoga have a key stewardship role in keeping yoga a home for all, accessible for all; regardless of race, religion, ability, class, and sexual orientation.  SAAPYA is creating the first ever network of South Asian American people teaching yoga in America.  Our mission is to be a hub for a few spokes of advocacy based activity.  SAAPYA is publishing the first anthology of writings from SA perspectives on doing yoga in the west.  We are also hosting civic events amplifying SA voices in yoga, creating curriculum based on these discussions, and organizing towards equal rights based yoga teacher trainings targeting South Asian youth involvement.  It is high time for our civic contribution to be understood, for our voices to be heard, SAAPYA is that platform.

@saapya on Twitter and Instagram

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