South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America is platform and network for the voices of yoga teachers and students from across the South Asian diaspora.  The guiding principle of SAAPYA is that South Asian folks in America have a vital role to play in sustaining yoga through the integration of our contemporary bodies and relevant cultural lineage.  SAAPYA aims to provide South Asian led cultural awareness workshops, trainings, and panels to increase best practices around integration of South Asian cultural production and theology in yoga studios, yoga publications, and yoga accreditation bodies.  Key goals of SAAPYA are to revise the perception that yoga is an exclusive practice; to intervene in a largely segregated yoga environment; to ensure that yoga remains a resource for all bodies, all races, all classes and identities.  Integration at SAAPYA is a practice of sharing stories, including journalism and academic narratives focused on transparency in the yoga industry in America.  At heart, SAAPYA is about sustaining yoga through the core value of integration at all levels, from within the body to within the civic sphere.

To request more information about cultural awareness trainings, to book a SAAPYA panel or workshop, or to submit writing to the site, please contact: SAAPYA@gmail.com

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