new podcast: leading with love

you know, every step of the way takes real courage.  it takes deep fortitude to keep breathing deep, and noticing when one is not.  it takes real fearlessness to try and connect with other efforts in the realm of yoga.  it is never a simple thing to associate with any white led effort on yoga, and yoga justice.  and there are many of those.  but white allies who are able to show up in true solidarity do exist and are needed.  there are fewer of these.  we at saapya are thankful to have even a small handful of white allies who are able to model what must happen, to step up in support, and step back from leading, so as to pave a stronger way for this poc led effort to grow.

saapya is happy to begin to be in conversation with the yoga and body image coalition.  this podcast features dr. beth berila and roopa singh chatting about ego in yoga, saapya’s creation story, and about defining yoga as liberation (and not just “union,” or “yolk,” as we often hear in yoga spaces).

here is the link/blurb:

“roopa singh talks about authenticity, cultural appropriation, and commercialization in yoga. whereas many people in the west invoke the definition of yoga as union, roopa reminds us that it also means liberation, both individually and collectively. in this insightful conversation, she raises questions about yoga, safety, visibility, and who is present and absent in most Western yoga spaces.”


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