SAAPYA Zine in POC Zine Distro: Survivor Yoga Best Practices


Ever heard of a POC Zine distribution project?  Did you know SAAPYA has a zine life?  We are honored to have our first zine, Survivor Yoga Best Practices, featured in the POC Zine Distro, an artfully curated collection of voices from the margins.  Special love to radical librarian, Bekezela Mguni, for lifting SAAPYA up in her courageous collection.  If you want to get a hold our first zine, email:

Find about more about the POC Zine Distro below and on tumblr:

The POC Zine Distro at Boom Concepts features an array of topics: personal memoirs, afro-futurist science fiction, queer and Trans experiences/identities, political and social commentary, yoga, herbal remedies for healing and wellness, youth expressions, intersectionality, feminism, poetry, comics, art, mental health, his/herstory and much more. The Distro also facilitates collaborative publication efforts, creating zines that are available for educators to use to discuss racism, cultural appropriation, gentrification, colonization, healing, wellness, resistance and art.


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