Kavita Das’s Thoughtful Piece on Her Journey in Yoga and SAAPYA

SAAPYA invites you to read Kavita Das’s recent article in The Aerogram on SAAPYA:

A New Initiative Seeks to Restore Yoga’s South Asian Heritage

Kavita writes on her experience as a South Asian woman taking yoga classes.  Kavita was in the house for the SAAPYA launch panel, and writes thoughtfully on the issues raised by the panelists.

Here’s how she ends the piece: “Many questions still swirl around how to restore yoga’s South Asian heritage. It’s clear that more cross-cultural dialogue is necessary. But now through SAAPYA there is a group to steward this important dialogue. And for that I’m grateful and can let out my breath gradually, place my palms together, and say “Namaste.”’

Thank you Kavita, and thank you supporters, for reading.

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